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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Since no one else is updating their blogs I guess I will update mine.

I woke up this morning, my cold worse than ever. I could barely speak. The department finally called with a placement, of course. I sounded like a frog. I was asked to provide respite care for a 4 year old autistic boy who is very high needs. The call lasted about 20 minutes and ended with me telling the worker that I was interested but would need to meet the child before saying yes. About an hour later he called me back…he had forgotten to mention that the child came with a 7 year old brother! Hehe. I told him that we should really meet the family.

They came over for dinner tonight, along with another little boy who (along with his sister) is legally free for adoption. Interesting! The little guy (4 yr old) does need one on one 24/7, but I think we can handle it. The older brother got along great with the kids. The other little guy stole my heart. The foster mom knows of two other families (with super easy kids!) who would like to talk to us about respite care as well. YES! I am so excited. I plan to be crazy busy this weekend and SO READY for vacation next week.

My poor computer has just about had it. Explorer makes it freeze up, the right mouse button and scroll don’t work at all, and now the space bar requires great and repeated pressure to make it function. Oh, what to do?

This is so boring but here goes; my griddle, that I adore and use 3-5 times a week had a fall and doesn’t work consistently anymore. I had no choice but to replace it, and so I upgraded to a huge family size griddle. I love it. It is big enough to cook 6 pancakes at a time! Woo hoo!

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Jerry said...

Good luck with all those kids! Would they be living with you, or just come during the day?

I'm hoping your new griddle is not made from any sort of Teflon or T-Fal product!

I hope you feel better!