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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The long awaited update

As most of you are already aware the van is out of commission. It had been acting funny for a while and making an awful noise, so I made an appointment with a mechanic who was highly recommended to us. I waited a week for a Wednesday appointment and left the car on Tuesday night. Wednesday afternoon I called to find out when I could pick it up and he asked me where I had left the keys! By Thursday afternoon when he still hadn’t gotten back to me we drove by to see if it had even moved from where it was left. It had so we stopped in. No work had been completed because we was unable to hear any noises and thought the transmission was fine, but charged me $40 for looking at it!

On Saturday on our way to the adoption meet the transmission completely went. GONE. We sat on a highway overpass for several minutes trying to figure out what on earth to do. We wondered if we should just call the Honda dealership, deal over the phone and have them come pick us up in our new Odyssey. (I know, keep on dreaming). Instead a gentleman stopped and asked if there was anyone he could call for us. I asked him to please call AAA and also ask if they would arrange for a rental. He apologized that he didn’t have a cell phone we could use. I told him that we had a phone but no minutes. He offered to go buy us some minutes and I told him that I didn’t feel good about that, but if he would go ahead and phone AAA I would be very grateful. While we waited several other people stopped, one asking if we needed a jump start. I so wanted to offer him a sign, Bill Engval style. “Yup, don’t mind the huge puddle of transmission fluid all around, we were just driving along and the battery went dead right here on the overpass!”

Anyhow, the nice man arrived back with 120 minutes for out cell phone and a AAA call number. I used the minutes to call H and D agreed to come get us. Nice Man asked where we were going to have the van towed to because the truck was due to arrive any minute. I admitted that we hadn’t figured that out yet. “Well”, he said, “Ron’s transmission is right down the road. He and my Dad were good friends, and if anyone knows about transmissions it’s Ron’s.” I told him that sounded good and he agreed to wait for the truck to show the driver that way. Then he offered to drive us to the adoption fair, or into town, or even to run in to get food and drinks for the kids. We declined his generous offers and asked for his name so we could repay him for the phone minutes but he steadfastly refused.

Finally the tow truck arrived and we unloaded all of stuff. We created such a commotion that the dog officer stopped to see what was up. He and the Nice Man agreed that we would not be safe waiting where we were so he called the officer on duty to come get us and bring us back to the station to wait. So Matthew and I rode with the dog catcher while Gary and the other children rode in the cruiser. I had to call D and tell him that we had been “picked up by the cops” and remind him that H had promised that if the need ever arose she would bail me out of jail, even coming as far as Florida if I happened to get caught stealing from a Target! Of course if I ever stole from a Target I would have very good reason and would have been proved into doing so by a nasty manager and a pair of shoes but I digress. The police agreed that Ron’s was the best place for the van to be. I asked them if they could give us the Nice Man’s address so we could send them something. They asked for the plate number and then apologized that they weren’t allowed to tell us that it was a Mr. Micheal H#%&^ that helped us out!

We had planned on doing some shopping for Katherine’s party on our way home so we kindly asked D if he didn’t mind stopping. He party was the next day and I know that I have sworn up and down that I would never again host a birthday party but this was different. We had a backyard barbecue and invited families, not just children. Even Katherine and Noah’s teacher came. The food was yummy and the kids played while the parents chatted. Then E did some pot painting and planting with all the children. We had a piƱata that we made our selves and bug boxes that doubled as goodie bags and party favors. This I would do again. Joshua asked if his party could be a family barbecue, and I would love to do that, except that his birthday is in Novemeber.

On Monday I called about the van. He hadn’t had a chance to look at it but promised to call when he knew anything. I offered him my number but he said that “Ray” had already called and given it to him. Gotta love small town Maine.

I have decided to be the squeaky wheel regarding the whole adoption business. I spoke to the person who completed out study and found out that recently several families have petitioned the Department to release their studies so they could pursuer other options. She also gave me several names and numbers of people to call. I got another list of numbers of adoption workers to call. My plan is to make ours a familiar name. I called the Department supervisor who agreed to email the office supervisor where P’s case is located and she if she can’t get more information. She is also going to send out a write up about us within her office and promised to follow up with any children we call about.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here. I feel badly for all the negative things I said about Maine this winter. I’m sorry Maine. I love the weather here. Spring, Summer and Fall are perfect. Flowers are blooming, Gary is redoing the front flower beds, the garden will be in soon and the pool will go up. Ahhh.

Ohhhh, Fiddle Heads! My most exciting news is this; We were picnicking down by the river when I noticed a couple with huge bags of fiddleheads. I asked if they had been harvested here. They told me that they harvest them in Norridgewock but cleaned them here to avoid chlorinated water. He offered to sell me 30 pounds for $20. I said that was a bit much, but I could use 15 pounds for $10. He agreed, and 15 pounds is still a LOT of fiddlehead! I swear though, I spent more on them last year. I think I spend about $18 or $20. Of course I mailed some to Dad, but I got one bag for the freezer and this year I must have 8 or more, and I have already given away several bags.

Last night we had some of our corn from last year, along with some pumpkin from the freezer. Today for lunch we had some pesto with our freezer basil. Mmmm. I cannot wait to put up more food. It is so much fun. I adore pulling out food that I preserved. I have way too much applesauce, only because it is so cheap and so much fun to make. Perhaps everyone will like some yummy apple butter for Christmas? Yes?

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You should demand your $40 back!