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Thursday, April 06, 2006

I will not go into debt! I will not go into debt!

I am actually envying people who are in debt. I know it sounds so stupid when everyone is trying so hard to get out of debt, but when you have a payment you can just extend the life of the loan and get newer, bigger, better for the rest of your life.

I brought my van in to check out the noise from the back of the car. The mechanic told me that we need a new “rear end” and a new transmission, and I think we need a new fuel pump, putting the repair bill up into the thousands. Like, so many thousands that it will cost more to repair it than it did to buy it. So we went to look at new cars.

I had heard good things about the Honda Odyssey so we took one for a test ride and OMG! Are they nice! I can’t believe that I want a mini van. Gary and I decided that we would just buy it and NOT think about it. That worked fine, until of course we thought about it and realized that we do not want to have all the debt. Ugh.
Joshua and I stopped to look at a brand new conversion van, just for kicks. It was $50 thousand dollars! There are houses in town that you can buy for that price. Joshua thinks it is worth it because it comes with a plasma television. Yeah, right. It did spark a conversation about what constitutes wealthy, after Joshua said, “I wish that we were rich.” I told him that we are rich but he didn’t believe me.

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Mar said...

I LOOOOVE my minivan. I researched every posible model and tried to buy something used but all the good ones are barely available used and cost pretty much the same as new because they hold their value so well. So, I sucked it up and bought a brand spankin' new one and I LOVE IT. I make out with it everyday.

And also, think how much harder it would be to raise responsible kids if we were RICH rich? Even if you were responsible and hard core in their raising, all your "peers" and their kids would be total shits. (Think of Paris Hilton) Yuck. It's great to be "normal" rich (ie living in the US etc) and not filthy rich.