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Monday, April 03, 2006

I have been flat out like a lizard drinking!

First the geography fair; our display rocked. We even had a craft making us very popular with the children. Unfortunately we left our vat of pumpkin soup at home but there was plenty of diverse food for us to share so I later brought the soup to the shelter. My former best (local) friend was there with my replacement (another former friend), who brought along the children of yet another former friend. It sounds like I am making enemies all over town, but this was part of a very religious playgroup that wasn’t very into my odd natural ways. Anyhow…it was hard seeing her with all her babies. I became acutely aware of my loss regarding the pregnancy. I have to wonder if it wasn’t a bit of a pride thing too, like “gee my life has been really awesome without you in it, look at all that I have going for me”, and yet I have actually had a crappy year. Gary isn’t fond of this person and thinks that she is very superficial, but I miss her. Talking to her was like, well, talking to an old friend.

On the way home from the fair we decided to check out some yard sales that H had told us about. The two she mentioned had beds but we didn’t expect that they would still be available after noon. Both places still had them. The first was a crappy old trundle bed that had broken in half with the promise of repair for $50. The other was a black metal frame with a futon fold out couch and a twin on top in great condition with mattresses for $100. I told her it was a bit more than we wanted to spend and asked for her number. She told me that she was in the $75 to $100 range; I told her we hoped to be around $50 but would call. Gary and I decided that $75 was a heck of a deal but we had some concerns about getting it home but figured that we could make it happen in many trips. When we went to pick it up the husband loaded it into the back of his FIL’s truck and brought it over for us! He even threw in a new bike for Katherine, and a bunch of other stuff. He said he was just so happy to get stuff out of the house that he was more than happy to deliver it.

We then spend the rest of the day taking apart and putting together beds. We originally thought we would paint the new beds to go into Katherine’s room but they look great in Noah’s room as is. The other beds went into Katherine’s room, making our house one that will sleep 10! Anyone (in a tropical location!) want to house swap?

Speaking of travel, they are having an incredible sale on airfare to Australia…$999 includes round trip plus three flights within Australia. And yet it is still too expensive for us. Blah.

The bathroom tiling is done. I am so sore from it. The floor wasn’t that bad, but the tub surround was the longest, messiest, muscle aching nightmare you ever had. I wouldn’t do that again. The suckiest part is that we put in a crappy tub that has already started chipping, and the only way to replace it is to rip out the tile! I am totally going to just live with it! Hopefully we will be fully functioning by the end of today. Now we have to put up the wall and we will be done with the remodel upstairs. Yea!

Now the addition; we need to replace a beam on the porch, and since we have been having frost issues we need to put in a foundation, meaning that we need to rebuild the whole thing. Once we pour the foundation it makes sense to make it a little larger and add on a bit. We are waiting on estimates but something needs to be done very soon lest the beam gives and the whole thing comes tumbling down. If I wasn’t so opposed to packing and moving (and building!) I would build a new house on 10 acres (without neighbors!).

I was going to write about the neighborhood happenings but this post is going on forever so I will save that for next time. I don’t want to break blogger again with my…post that doesn’t end, it just goes on and on my friend, some people started reading it not know what it was, and they’ll continue reading it forever just because this is the post that doesn’t end….


Anonymous said...

Flat out like a lizard drinking! I love it. You should incorporate as much Austalian slang into your blog as possible.
D and I were somewhat interested in the upright freezer at that first moving sale. He called about it, but it sold. The guy was very apologetic about it.
I'm glad you found a bed. It was a great deal!

Jerry said...

Clue me in on the Austrialia jokes.

Speaking of travel, they are having an incredible sale on airfare to Australia…$999 includes round trip plus three flights within Australia. And yet it is still too expensive for us. Blah.

This morning over pancakes I asked my family if they wanted to fly leave right away for Scotland. Husband said it wasn't going to happen, and daughter said:
#1 - It wasn't a good time for her; and
#2 - there are other places she'd rather go!

Okay, one of these Sundays they'll wake up and get an overseas phone call from yours truly...

But I guess that would put us back into DEBT.

I don't even count my mortgage. I guess we already are!

I forgot this is supposed to be your blog. I should go write on my own.

Innocent Observer said...

Flat out like a lizard drinking: Very busy.

What about Ireland? And what about me? You didnt' even ask me! I would go overseas with you. What ever happened to that one weekend a year deal?

I'm afraid that if we go to Australia we won't come back! People apear to be very nice and laid back there, and aside from fatal wildlife it looks like a fun place to be!