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Friday, February 03, 2006


The most exciting thing I have to offer is that I almost made it through the day without vomiting. If it hadn’t been for the incessant coughing that led to the vomiting I would have made it. Although completely disgusting I have found that vomiting apples is not at all unpleasant, while vomiting trail mix is the most unpleasant.

I was able to prepare for and eat dinner with my family tonight! It was the first time is weeks that I was able to do so. I even felt good enough to do all the clean up after. Whoo Hooo!

Joshua is off tonight to his first ballroom dancing lesson. I am so excited for him and I really hope he likes it. I received a call from Nilda, who’s husband is related to the groom who married the bride, who is related to Linda, my dad’s wife (or something like that). My father was at the wedding as was Nilda’s brother-in-law and they got to talking about Maine, and it turns out that Nilda and I live two streets away from one another and our children where in the same class. So Sarah, Nilda’s daughter has been talking ballroom dancing but all the good boys were taken. She was going to need to drop out if she couldn’t find a partner to dance with so Joshua agreed to give it a shot.

Katherine was distressed this morning because she really wanted “rainbow circles” for breakfast at school, but since she couldn’t read she never picked the right package. I figured out that she wanted Fruit Loops and asked Noah to read the packages for her. I also told her to look for a big multi colored bird with a huge beak. What a good mother, helping her child to start the day with an artificially colored sugar high! (My guess is that vomiting Fruit Loops would fall into the most unpleasant category!)

Katheine also reports that yesterday was frog day and the frog got scared so now it is going to snow for 6 weeks. She is adorable!

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