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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Earrings and tea

Jen2 totally rocks! I just got a package from her with two huge packages of pregnancy tea blends; One with peppermint, lavender, nettle, and red raspberry leaf, and the other with echinacea, spearmint, hibiscus, alfalfa, red rosebud and nettle. I am loving a cup right now!

Katherine really wanted both ears pierced but did not want it done with a piercing gun so she asked me to ease a stud into the place where she once had a piercing for a few weeks when she was three. I ended up being able to pass a sterilized pin through first, then eventually we got a stud in. She was so excited and kept saying “Mama, I can’t believe it. I have two earrings!”

Joshua still wanted his pierced and asked me to use the needle on him. I couldn’t bring myself do it so we went to Fart-mart. The lady got him in the seat and said “I bet people keep telling you that this is going to hu (pop) rt, there, all done. He looks so cute with his earring in. I’m feeling mixed emotions at his growing up so fast. He is even taking care of his ear totally on his on.

Noah would like to have an earring but is adamantly opposed to having a piercing!

Gary and I have been puttying the bedroom and I am shocked at how much work it is. I thought it was going to be an easy out from taping and sanding but OMG! It is so much work, and nothing seems to make it any easier. It will be nice when it is done. Joshua is very excited about getting started decorating.

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