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Friday, January 27, 2006

I haven’t updated in ages and I still don’t want to. I have nothing interesting to blog about so I will bore you all with the details of my boring life.

The most exciting thing that happened was that I laid aside my hurt feelings and finally called Jen2. It was so awesome to talk to her! When I finally emerged from the bedroom I saw that we talked for over two hours! I’m so mad at myself for the way I let relationships fall away. My thinking is that the people that I love don’t like me, and the people that I don’t like love me. How odd is that? My neighbors bought us a chair. In appreciation for watching all the new releases they share with us, I suppose.

Last night for entertainment we went to Mei Lam Lau and ordered our regular special. The kids ate white rice covered in duck sauce while I broke from tradition and ordered Orange Chicken instead of the General Tso’s that we usually order. It was a little disappointing because it didn’t taste any better than the orange ginger chicken I make at home, and I was expecting it to be fabulous. Gary noticed diners at another table sucking down a huge bowl of red liquid. There was at least a gallon of red stuff that it turns out is called a Buzz Bowl. It also comes is two liter single serving Gary sized bowl. Then we visited Uncle Dean’s to get dark chocolate covered cherries and trail mix for Mom to snack on. Mmm.

I have been busy attempting to create an itinerary for our spring vacation. I think that we will visit an indoor water park in Pennsylvania, Jenny and Jim in North Carolina, and a koala bear at the Jacksonville Zoo before arriving at B and L’s for a fun filled Tampa Bay vacation week. There we will visit Kid City, Great Explorations, The MOSI, Aquarium, Sunken Gardens, and Dinosaur World. Actually, my Tampa Bay list is about 30 attractions long and I need to pare it down a bit. The water park in PA looks so amazing I’m afraid that we might not want to leave!

Gawd my life is so boring right now. I am looking forward (not really) to going to the grocery and FartMart. Joshua would like to get his ear pierced. What a weirdo! Katherine needs to get one hole redone so perhaps we can buy one set of studs for them both to share. I told Joshua that I would be happy to pierce his ear from of charge at home but he declined!

We have done a very good job of keeping the screwdrivers away from Baby Cakes, so he has been attempting to use pencils in their place with less than satisfying results. He loves the chair from the neighbors and refuses to let anyone else sit in it.
Joshua has decided against the nascar theme in his now, but would rather have an Australian theme with a flag painted on one wall (no Problem!) and a Eucalyptus tree and Koala on another wall (huge Problem!). I need to get started on the plaster in there. I have so many projects to finish up it isn’t even funny. Jen2 asked if we had the bathroom remodel completed yet and I was embarrassed to tell her that no, it is still a work in progress like it has been for 9 months or so. She pointed out that Gary was busy taking out wallboard from the upstairs bath the first time she visited our house, like YEARS ago! Shit! The good news is that it will be complete on or before June 6th, as that is the day that Dad departs from his June visit. So with June as the completion date we are totally on schedule!

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