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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Red fish, blue fish, one fish, two fish.

In an attempt to take charge of my own health care opted not to call “Judy” back and instead called hospital one, and left a message for their scheduling department. Then I called hospital two and spoke with the person in charge of scheduling, who had nothing available until next week, but said that if I was willing to come in without notice she would personally call me if there was a cancellation. That sounded great so I agreed. Then hospital on returned my call, and low and behold they were able to fit me in at 11:30. Yea! As I was getting ready the nice lady from hospital two called back with a cancellation at 12:30. Since hospital two is within walking distance and the weather wasn’t good that was defiantly my first choice, so I told her that I would be in. I called hospital one and left a message thanking her profusely for fitting me in on such short notice and explained that I was on the cancellation list at hospital two which was so much closer to home so unfortunately I needed to cancel. Another phone call from the nice lady at hospital two explaining that she was unable to get the order from “Judy” as it seemed I had an appointment with hospital one at 11:30. I quickly explained that everything had happened very quickly but I was defiantly planning to keep my appointment with her. When I arrived at 12:30 nice lady informed me that she still didn’t have the order. I told her that must be because “Judy” didn’t like me much. I can’t understand why. Geesh.

I was happy that school was canceled today. I only wish I had some way to learn of the cancellations prior to sending my children out to wait for the bus in the rain! I swear, I was watching all three major stations, and nothing was reported for our town until 8. The only reason I kept watching until 8 was the total disbelief that every other town had been cancelled except for ours. Even our neighbor, who happens to be a police officer in town, was out waiting with his kids. Up until 8:15 it had only been reported on one station. I must find an early warning system. Preferably one that doesn’t involve getting out of bed!

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