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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

What Sucks? Doctors, patio sets, sleepovers, and Orlando.

Miraculously we survived the sleepover, barely. Nobody slept, and everyone was grumpy. At least we got to send some of the grumpy ones to their own parents to deal with.

On Saturday we went to dinner at friends of ours. They served us delicious tacos and let us choose between soft or hard shells, and bean or beef. Too many choices for me! So in case our hosts are wondering why I had to leave the room and my whole body was shaking and shimmering, here is the reason. In an attempt to help me decide between the soft shelled tacos and the hard shelled tacos, Gary suggested out loud that I “have a hard one because you never get a hard one at home, all you ever get are soft ones. Go for it!” I couldn’t contain myself! It was almost as funny as the time when we were dating and Gary and his friend Chris were having a snack in his mother’s kitchen. She told the people sitting to get up so the boys could eat. I innocently said “Don’t worry about them, Gary can eat in any position.” There was a roar of laughter from his Dad in another room. I was so embarrassed. I just meant that the boy liked his food and didn’t mind eating his FOOD sitting or standing! Gary’s Dad was a great comedian and knew how to have a good time. There I go again. Dirty minds!

In an attempt to get everyone out of the house tonight we went to dinner at the Olive Garden. I think there was poison in my salad because after I ate it I didn’t feel well enough to eat my dinner. Bummer. Then we went to Sam’s club to walk off the cream sauces. It was very sad at Sam’s Club. First we walked by the beds (and the bed that we had been looking at purchasing for Paper). After the beds came the dog food and more sad thoughts. Then when I had just about recovered we walked by my dream patio set that cost a mere $700, and I realized that there may never be another time in my life that I have a spare $700 to drop on a patio set.

Earlier today I tried to schedule a test through a doctor who was recommended to me. At first I was so impressed by the friendly office and when asked whether I preferred morning or afternoon I requested a morning appointment. When “Judy” called me back with the date and time, I told her that an 8 am appointment wouldn’t work because that didn’t give me enough time to get the kids on the bus, and she yelled at me that I had asked for a morning appointment and morning means 7:15 to 11. My punishment is that I now have to wait for another appointment. I am not so impressed with them anymore. Doctors totally suck! (With the exception of Michelle, who is so awesome that I forgive her for her profession, and I do think that she would still agree with the above statement!)

I am seriously looking forward to going to Florida. I even went to AAA today to get all my maps and updated tour books. Yea! We have so many fun things planned that will happen nowhere near Orlando, yet Orlando is still trying hard to suck me in offering dolphin encounters, penguin habitats, and exciting (overpriced) dinner shows. Damn Orlando!

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