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Friday, January 13, 2006

This week started out pretty crumby. We had more bad news on the adoption front; Paper’s “team” wants her placed as on only child or as the youngest so she will get lots of attention. Anyone knows that the youngest child gets little to no attention so I just can’t even comprehend whatever they were thinking. In the mean time I was told by her worker not to have hope because we were not being considered, but she wasn’t taking us off the list just yet. My guess is that after several months of searching if they don’t find a childless couple interested in adopting a teen they will come back to us, but Paper is a great kids, and I’m sure she will find a family fast.

The other crappy thing was the death of Furball, Noah’s gerbil. He/(she?) was super cute and cuddly and will be greatly missed. We love the gerbils that we have and wouldn’t mind more, but a two-year life span ensures lots of death. Something I would prefer to avoid as much as possible.

Katherine has an ear infection (for which she was not allowed to go to the nurse or call home while at school!) She has been getting lots of pressure to be reading independently at school and her skill seems to be slipping. I asked them to back off, and they were not happy with that, wanting instead to turn up the heat. It scares me to death that they are going to make her illiterate with the pressure. I am trying hard to make it to the end of the year but it isn’t easy. I would like for all the children to be home. The good news is that I called our placement specialist right before she left and asked her off the record how pulling the kids would affect our adoption, and she said it wouldn’t at all, unless the child we were being matched with needed special ed and we said we wouldn’t allow it.

Tonight is party night (for everyone but Mom and Dad!). Katherine was invited to a friend’s house for a sleepover, and I am very uncomfortable with any of my kids being away from home, so to keep the peace they are coming here for an overnight. AUGH! Then Joshua asked to sleep over at his friend’s house, whose family recently adopted four children from Columbia, so said friend is also spending the night. Noah’s friend is coming for the party time but sleeping at his own house. Smart kid. I don’t expect to be even remotely sane in the morning.

Yesterday as I watched Matthew got a hold of the screwdriver, unscrewed the screw that “childproofs” the fireplace. Opened it, turned it on, then closed it and screwed it back up. It blows my mind that he knows exactly how to do it. He has been really interested in Sesame Street and SpongeBobSquarePants. He was recently given several Sesame Street videos so he is in media heaven!

Here is something I wonder. If God wanted people to have a handbook/rulebook, wouldn’t he have written one? And then wouldn’t he have made sure that everyone had a copy? And make sure that it was translated accurately into every language, or create a universal language for it to be written in? And wouldn’t it have the same meaning for everyone? I mean, he is GOD, isn't he. Hmm.

Here is a portion of an email from my Dad that I find very interesting; I flipped on the Cobert Report last night and Steven was interviewing a scientist about his opinion of "Intelligent design". The scientists name was Miller. He said he saw no conflict between the views of religion and intelligent design. He was a Catholic.

He said that the God he worshiped must be a greater God that the ones the intelligent design people worship because his God was clever enough to design a process that resulted in man.

The other peoples God just created man and then went around hiding dinosaur bones and creating fake fossils for us to find to confuse us. He called their God the Steve Martin God, a wild and crazy guy.

Is that great or what?

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