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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


You know the saying that if you knew how much fun grandchildren could be you would have had them first? That is kind of how I feel about babies. I think you should parent older children first because then when you have a baby/toddler in the house, everything they do is freaking adorable. Matthew turns on the gas fireplace and we think “how cleaver.” He draws on the walls and we think, “isn’t he artistic!” Even when he makes me absolutely crazy with standard toddler behavior, he is so darned cute. I can see why the baby of the family becomes spoiled.

Joshua enjoyed ballroom dancing and plans to continue with the lessons. I’m happy that he is doing something unique and enjoying it.

The weather in Maine has been amazing recently. It is so wonderful to have a bright sunny sky and temperatures warm enough to go out in. They keep warning that winter is returning but so far so good. Hopefully winter will wait until we are on our way to Florida before returning in full force.

My useless rant for the week is about pasta. All pasta should come in a length about half their current size. What on earth is it so long that it won’t even fit into a pot? If it came in shorter lengths it would be easier to buy, store, cook, and serve. What’s the deal with long pasta anyway? Yes, I really should get out more and stop thinking about such useless things. I need a life.


Jen said...

You could just...break it?

Yeah, yeah, I know, take my common sense and GET OUT!


Anonymous said...

We like ziti.