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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Disney Princess Nail Polish CRAP!

My beautiful daughter came home from her friend’s house this afternoon with a bottle of sparkly princess branded nail polish. She began to apply it to her nails and the stench was overpowering. I immediately began having thoughts of helping the sweet little bottle find it’s way out of our house. I was interrupted form these thoughts by Katherine, who was now applying the contents of the princess bottle to her lips! I screamed. It was all over her face with two huge shiny circles on her cheeks. We were able to wash it off of her lips fast enough, but it had adhered quite nicely to her face and it took Gary a looong time to peel it all of. I was even getting tempted to get out the acetone. (Why does the nail polish I buy never adhere that well?) She claims that the friend told her it was glitter, which she would have had to believe to smear it all over her face like that, but my gosh, with that stench, ugh, how could she have not known! Why do they make real nail polish for little girls? Is this really necessary, especially with so many little children still putting their fingers in their mouths. Gross.

The kids are really looking forward to visiting the flea market in Florida. I don’t think that we will visit any of the theme parks while we are there. I have been searching and found so many things that would entertain us way more than a theme park and for just a fraction of the cost (like $60 a day for our family as opposed to $300+). There is even a neat park with a spring that discharges 26,000 gallons of water a minute at a constant 68* where people can bring tubes and take a “leisurely 25 minute ride” before walking back on the barefoot friendly boardwalk. The cost of admission? A mere $1 per person. How can you beat that?

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