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Sunday, December 18, 2005

No Clowns, No Bunnies, No Elves.

Is bowling really exercise? Sure, there is a long walk from the car to the lane. Then of course there is the lugging of three 6-pound balls a good 50 feet from the desk to the lane. But the actual bowling? Three steps forward and a swing of the arm? I think not. However chasing the baby from one end of the alley to the next, now that is good exercise.

Living in Maine has been radically different in many ways, but most noticeably when it comes to parties. Last year we went to an Easter party where the kids colored, played a card game, had a snack and went out back to hunt for eggs. This week we attended a Christmas party that had a similar feel. Kids played a game, glued pom poms onto foam, played Santa bingo, and had a snack. There were no bounce houses, no ponies, and no hired clowns (or Bunnies or Elves!). Mothers in Maine seem to lack the competitive quality that was so prevalent in Massachusetts. The focus is on showing kids a good time and offering them the opportunity to socialize, not showing up the other Moms.

I can hardly believe that Christmas is a week away. I feel very unprepared. I haven’t even started shopping for stocking stuffers. Thankfully Gary and I are not exchanging gifts this year so that takes the pressure off a little bit, and thankfully school is over so I don’t have that pressure this week. Being out shopping this close to Christmas is not on my list of things that make me smile. I’m also a bit sad that we don’t have plans to visit with any family or friends this year. :-(

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