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Monday, December 19, 2005

The Fat Man and the Misery of Holiday Shopping

Oh My Gosh it is so tempting to tell my children that a fat man in a red suit is watching every move they make and that their presents on Christmas morning will be affected by his opinion of them! Perhaps I could even get them to fold all the laundry in the hopes of getting really special gifts from The Fat Man Who Sees All!

I am feeling really bummed out at the poverty and suffering on this earth, and my inability to affect change. I saw a program where one man has spent several hundred thousand dollars on Christmas light. I fail to see how this is okay when there are people who cannot feed their babies, right here in this country. Even if he first gave several hundred thousand dollars to the needy first, would it then be okay to waste several hundred thousand dollars on lights? And be proud of you ability to show up the neighbors?

Before I mention my next tidbit let me first assure you that I am well aware that there is something wrong with me. I checked my grades online today and I got an A in algebra. Here is the sick part…I am really mad at myself for dropping the ball on one stupid exam and not getting an A+. Can you imagine if I got a B instead? I’d be a mess!

I am so looking forward to be done shopping for Christmas! Neither Wal-Mart nor Kmart had any items on Katherine’s list, and both were sold out of two popular board games I had hoped to pick up. It is incredibly frustrating. I will never again wait until December to shop. It is so much more fun to have it all done in August so you can spend December sitting by the fire sipping cocoa, listening to all your friends complain about the misery of holiday shopping.

It is completely unreasonable to keep the children home from school (indefinitely) due to a recent detection of head lice at the school?

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