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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Gary is great, he gives us chocolate cake!

Reason number 897 why I love my husband;

I went to lie down this afternoon and when I came back down I was thrilled to see the children all enjoying hot dogs and corn. It was very exciting to not have any pressure to feed hungry kids. Then Gary told me that my hot dog would be ready shortly. I thanked him and explained that I don’t think my stomach could handle a big fat hot dog right now. He called me in a presented me with a real plate (ceramic!) filled with filet mignon, potato croquets, and corn.

To understand how special this is you should know that I went to get my hair cut this afternoon (from the lady that sat next to me in algebra class!), and we were discussing how great it is to eat anything that you didn’t prepare yourself. I told her how a few days ago I begged Gary to make me a peanut butter sandwich just so I could eat something I didn’t have to make, and I am not even that fond of peanut butter sandwiches. But the filet, oh my gosh. It was great! Thank you Gary!

We are looking at a house tomorrow and I am a bit freaked out about it. It sits on 81 acres. There is a huge hill where the kids could snowboard (or waterslide) and a pond for fishing and swimming, and unbelievably, we can actually afford to buy it. We met the owners today and looked around the exterior property some. They had been living entirely off the grid until recently, and only installed electricity in order to sell the house. It would be so amazing to live on 81 acres! The funny part is that the corner of the property abuts our friends who live in an amazing old farmhouse on 100 acres! We could snow shoe over for tea!

I just went into the bathroom to lend Katherine a hand, and in the 30 seconds it took me to soap up her hair Matthew was able to sneak in behind me and climb into the tub fully clothed! He is now in heaven, bathing with his sister, and I am off to finish the game of Phase Ten I started with Noah.

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