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Monday, December 05, 2005

Is anyone else having trouble viewing my blog?

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Anonymous said...

Last night I tried to view it and it just wouldn't open. Maybe it is when you were posting. Today I got an error message saying it was forbidden. And I previously had eliminated all parental control limits. (They would block too much.) So I tried again and was able to view. Not sure why the glitch.

Isn't Jordan funny?! The car I sold was an 89 Honda Civic 4 door. The one we bought was a 92 of the same thing, but in the most mint condition a used car could ever be in and it had 127 K miles on it!!! It shows some wear and tear now as we have had it about five years. I didn't realize how Jordan cried about it. His sister is missing our old bathroom stuff, especially the old (and gross) green tub. I didn't realize how the remodel would upset her. Kids are funny!