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Monday, December 05, 2005

supper and dinner

When I was little I thought that the reason that everyone in Maine was overweight was that everyone ate three meals a day. This was because people in Maine talked about eating “supper” and “dinner”. At home we would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but people in Maine seemed to eat breakfast, lunch, then supper and dinner. As an adult I finally figured out that what Mainers called supper was what I called lunch, so I now have no idea why people in Maine are overweight.

Noah’s friend Jordan came over this afternoon. When I picked him up he was super excited to be in our van and remarked that it was higher than his Dad’s mini van, and even higher than the school bus! He then went on to tell us about his Mom’s small car. According to Jordan he was two when she decided to get rid of her old car, and he cried and cried, because “that was two years of my memories and experiences that I was going to miss.” What a funny kid!

Back to school for me tomorrow; the final exam is next week. I really hope that I get an A in this class. So far I have a 95 average so it looks good, but the final scares me because it was ages ago that we covered most of the material that will be on that exam. I plan to spend the week freaking out about it.

Noah has his holiday concert (in which he has a speaking role!) next week. He is the Santa Clause Cookie, and the elves will sing a song about him. As he plans to be a singer someday this will be good practice.

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