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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Blame it on the children!

“The other night, J and J rented Diary of a Mad Black Woman from Ingles. Jim stopped watching after about 20 minutes, but Jenny saw the movie through until the end (although obviously the goose wouldn't let her do this in one sitting). Jenny doesn't understand why her friend wanted her to see this movie. Unlike she-who-will-not-be-named, Jenny didn't desire wealth or a big house after viewing it.”

She who shall not be named would like to reply. First of all, the writer and director of said movie, Tyler Perry was homeless just prior to writing it. Homeless. Without a home. Very bleak future. The house featured in the movie, a mansion the size of an entire city block is his actual house today. That is very impressive. I would be willing to bet that the odds of someone who is or has been homeless someday having such wealth are about a trillion to one. Secondly the movie really spoke about taking control of you life and your destiny. And it was funny. She who shall not be named did not desire more wealth after viewing Diary of a Mad Black Woman , but understood better the possibilities that life has to offer. If someone who was once homeless was able to pull himself into a position to own the largest mansion that I have ever seen, just imagine the possibilities available to all of us!

Noah got off the bus today and asked me “Why do teachers never trust children and always think that kids are lying?” It seems that some children, including a little girl who moved here a week ago from Texas, were playing on the ice. Noah went over to warn them that it was against school rules to play on the ice, and as he was speaking to them a teacher came over and ordered everyone to go stand against the wall in punishment. Noah tried several times to explain that he was not on the ice (not to mention that one of the students could not have even known it was against the rules!). She refused to listen to him so he stood against the wall until the teacher was satisfied that the children had received adequate punishment. He then tried again to explain the situation to her, but she still refused to listen and told him again “Stay off the ice!”

Later in the day Katherine was told by another teacher to “Stop talking or I will call the kindergarten teachers to come get you and take you back to kindergarten!”

I am afraid that most of what school is teaching my children is that it isn’t okay to stand up for yourself, and it certainly isn’t okay to be different. School is teaching them that children don’t have a voice because children don’t matter, adult do. So until they become adults they will not have worth. Children must always submit to adult authority, even when the adult is a mean idiotic moron.

I read a story years ago on another blog that has always stuck with me. A woman was in line with her children, and there were two children in line behind her, about 8 and 10 years old. About ten minutes into the wait there was an adult behind her berating the children for having cut her in line. The woman turned around and said kindly, “These children got in line right behind us, so I don’t see how they could have cut in front of you.” The adult became much angrier and directed it at the woman as well. She said, “Look, I don’t know these kids, but I am sure that they were here when I got here, and have been for the last ten minutes!” After they all got into the event one of the children sought her out. “Hey, thanks so much for sticking up for us back there.” The woman reflected on the situation and realized that there is always an underlying current of mistrust when it comes to children. I have to agree.

Our society does not like children. Sad, but true.

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Jerry said...


I'm having no problem viewing your blog!

People can't stand obnoxious, rude children, and I guess they feel that "keeping them in line" is the only way to prevent this. At times, I agree that it is most unfair!

Gotcha about DoAMBW! TP's success is impressive, but you have to want that, and be dedicated to your goals above all else to obtain it. KWIM? Probably wouldn't be worth it to most family folks who are lucky to have time to brush their teeth!