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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Are we moving again?

To quote a comment: “People can't stand obnoxious, rude children, and I guess they feel that "keeping them in line" is the only way to prevent this. At times, I agree that it is most unfair!”

I can’t stand obnoxious rude people, children or adults. Perhaps the way to get children to behave like decent human beings is to treat them as such! Neither kid wanted to go to school today. I encouraged them to go, and told Katherine that if that teacher said something like that again that she should say, “Do not threaten me.” Noah said, “Oh no, she would get into much more trouble.” I suggested she visit the principal to complain, but it seems that is against the rules. Their wonderful regular teacher was back today so everything is back to normal. I feel like telling the school to notify me whenever Ms. H isn’t going to be in so I can keep them home. Yeah, like they might!

And again: “Gotcha about Diary of A Mad Black Woman! Tyler Perry's success is impressive, but you have to want that, and be dedicated to your goals above all else to obtain it. KWIM? Probably wouldn't be worth it to most family folks who are lucky to have time to brush their teeth!”

I agree, and I guess that brings us back to Family Man, does it not? Great. My life has been reduced to blogs and movies.

Gary and I met with the loan officer from the bank about getting a loan for a multi family income producing property. The terms are of course much sweeter on an owner occupied house than on a non-owner occupied, so I asked him what the requirements were for occupancy. He said the understanding would be that you plan to live there and make it your home, but in actuality you could live there for a month and then move on. Based on the loan size that we are looking at it would cut the payment in half if we lived there! Then if we gave up our current home, either by selling or renting it would boost the income as well. I wonder how well our family could cope if we spent a year or so relocating around town to acquire property. Yes, we could be dishonest and not move at all, but if we want the bank to continue loaning us money we need to at least have a change of address. For a city this sure is a small town and I’m sure the bankers would know.

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