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Friday, November 18, 2005

oh yeah, the land

I forgot to post about the land! We have been talking about adding on to our house and in the process we have been reviewing the tax map from the house Mom would like to buy. We noticed that on that map our own property is listed as being 10’ larger than we thought. Gary has been out measuring after dark and we think that the excess is most likely to the left, on Mrs. I’s side. This afternoon he went to the Assessors office to get all the maps, and it seems that while all our neighbors all think their lots are 50’, one of them is in fact only 40’! The plot thickens. That isn’t our immediate neighbor so it won’t be that simple. The people at the Assessors office told Gary to measure it all out and then just take the extra land. The neighbors will have to fight it in court if they disagree. I think we would be better off having a survey done and alerting everyone in advance. It would be really nice to have an extra ten feet of playspace!

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Jerry said...

Is the neighbor using this land?