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Monday, November 21, 2005


I am incredibly sad. We just got back from the vet’s office where we found out that Erin has a tumor the size of a basketball in her chest cavity. The vet was surprised that she is even able to breathe as the tumor has reduced her esophagus to next to nothing. The tumor is putting so much pressure on her stomach that she isn’t able to keep any food in it, and that accounts for her massive weigh loss. They said they would be surprised if she lasted a week. Any thing we could do at this point would be painful, and at best would extend her life by a few days. Poor Erin. She has been a part of our family since Matthew David died. I can’t imagine not having her anymore.

Matthew Barry spends the most time with her, and there isn’t anyway to explain what is happening to him. It makes me so sad for him that his beloved “ALA” won’t be here much longer. Part of me never wants to own another pet because the loss is so huge.

I decided not to go to school tomorrow, but it makes me feel like my life is one huge drama after another. I guess it is.

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Jerry said...

Very sorry about Erin. :(

You've been a good family to her!