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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Erin the warrior dog is dead.

Last night she stood up, so Gary rushed to help her outside. She went pee, attempted to poop, and had a last walk around the yard. At the stairs she knew that she wouldn’t make it and looked up to Gary as she collapsed, and died in his arms.

We all went out and said our final goodbye’s, then Gary buried her body in the backyard. It was a very emotional experience for the whole family.

The kids and I all sat in my bed and had a wake for Erin, remembering all the good times, and all the funny things that she did as a puppy. Some things we didn’t see the humor until later, like the time she went grocery shopping by herself, or ran around the neighborhood with the dead squirrel in a ziplock bag. There were also fun times like playing hide and seek with her, and the time she was convinced that the yard decoration was a real bear that we must be protected from.

We have faced a lot of criticism from my family in the last week for choosing to keep her at home and let her live out her last days peacefully surrounded by people who love her. I am now sure that we made the right decision. The children will always remember how their Daddy loving carried Erin to bed with us at night, and they will remember helping Erin to get a drink of water, and feeding her bits of turkey by hand, and how much she enjoyed it. And they will remember that as a family we did everything we could to make her comfortable as she died.

We are all going to miss her very much.

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Jerry said...

That is so sad and so happy at the same time. Sad that a good friend must get old and move on, but soooooo very happy that she could spend her last days surrounded by those she has loved and served her whole life, and who cared so much for her. You all did such a great job!

Back to crying!

Bye Erin!