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Monday, November 28, 2005

Good News and Cookie Dough!

The bathroom remodel continues. I have finished the painting (gray) and I am in the process of laying the tile floor. Cutting the tile is unbelievably tedious; my hand aches.

I have heard from the placement specialist and she has spoken to the supervisor who plans to approve our homestudy. Finally. After the week I have had, with Erin dying and all it was such a bright spot to hear such great news!

In other great news my father has found an agent to represent him. I am so excited for him you can’t even imagine!

Matthew somehow has figured out exactly what cookie dough is, and that he must have it. He spotted it in the fridge this morning, and so I offered him a magic cure all cracker, which he flat out refused as he screamed for the cookie dough. I gave him a little, but like any good addict he couldn’t get enough and tried to pry open the door (that had been secured with duck tape), and pushed his way past anyone who knew how to open the door. The child has known about the drive through forever as well. That one I take full responsibility for. If the car ever stops at a window and nothing is handed back to him he is not a happy camper. It is so funny how much they pick up at such a young age.

I want to talk about the movie The Family Man, but I have deleted an entire post about it because I’m not even sure where to start. Okay, who is the magic guy and why is he always giving people the chance to do the wrong thing? We’ll start there. Anyone?

Back to school tomorrow. I hope there isn’t a quiz because I haven’t even seen my book since the last time I went to class! As of today I am planning not to sign up for classes next semester. I hope to let life settle down a bit, and hopefully go on vacation (out of state-ers, be prepared!)

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