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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

O Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is up! It looks so wonderful. Well, a little bare on the sides but my obsessive side is trying not to notice (and only relocate ornaments when no one is looking!). Why does that bother me? We will defiantly be buying a larger tree because this one is about to fall over from the weigh of the ornaments. I like to buy each child a new ornament each year so that when they leave home I can give them a box filled with familiar ornaments to take with them. Until then our tree is full!

The kids all have mini trees in their rooms (they double as nightlights!) that have also been decorated. It makes me feel good to let them have little trees in their rooms because that is something I would have loved as a kid.

Katherine was busy making out her list for Santa, asking for some spelling help, so I offered to write it out for her, if she wanted. Here is the original letter:

Dear Santa,

I want a doll carriage that has a double carriage.

From Katherine

Here is the letter that she dictated to me:

Dear Santa,
I want a carriage that is strait and fits two babies, and another carriage that has a car seat. I also want a pretend baby with a pretend Christmas tree with decorations. And I want a computer. A glass doll and a table with two chairs and two candles on it. A new backpack, and a bow, and a headband and sunglasses, I really want sunglasses. Oh, and another thing, a nightlight that you don’t have to plug in. A little pretending couch that I can sit on and a Barbie house. A pretending horse. A doll that really pees and has real diapers and really poops and has a real car seat and a real bottle. I forgot a little tv to go with the little couch. A table with chairs and a cabinet that you put all your dishes that you use for holidays that are glass. And a dress.

From Katherine.

Notice she wants a pretend horse, but real poop? Interesting.

This is why little kids shouldn’t do much printing. It really interrupts their creativity and flow.

Joshua’s letter was cut out with pinking shears, glued onto decorative paper and now hangs in a prominent location (Santa’s eye level) on our tree. Here is what is says:

Dear Santa,

I would love white pajamas with a real picture of a koala. And Coconut would like the same thing, but in his size. Could you please label Coconut’s “TO Coconut” and my pair “TO Joshua.”From,

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if your trees are real or artificial. Ours is artificial due to allergies.

I love the letters to Santa. Katherine's list is quite long. Did Noah write one yet?