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Friday, November 18, 2005

My decent into darkness

When we were remodeling the house it became necessary to find a new home for my beloved blue loveseats, so they went to live with Rose. Rose has a lot of children, most of which are boys, so the loveseats have been taking some abuse. Rose decided to make arm covers to lessen the wear and tear, and eliminate the weekly steam cleaning that they have been requiring. Unfortunately upholstery fabric to match is expensive and hard to come by, so her project has been on hold.

Until Thursday. We were driving together and there abandoned on the side of the road was a chair covered in the exact same fabric. On the way home we decided to stop and investigate. The chair was very old, and had been covered with the blue fabric. Some spots had been attached with a glue gun, while most of it had been sewed to another fabric. There were really cute pillows, but they were very wet as the chair had spent several nights in the rain. There was one big chunk that had come undone, and Rose really wanted to have it, and Joshua’s scissors were right there in the van, so I’m sure you can see where this is going. Yes, I CUT off a piece of fabric for my friend. Not a great debate has been taking place in both our homes. Was this immoral? The chair was by the side of the road, presumably garbage, although I cannot entirely dismiss the possibility that it was lawn furniture. Perhaps they loved the chair and were hoping it would find a new home where the new owner will love it as well? Does it matter that Rose loves the small piece of fabric? I guess we should have gone up to the house to ask permission before resorting to cutting.

When I was younger things were so black and white, right or wrong. Now as I age Everything is gray! Some shades are certainly darker than others, and the shade often depends upon the colors surrounding them, but the lines seem to be always blurred.

Less than a week until Thanksgiving! I’m excited. Mom will be coming here, or more accurately I will be going to pick her up on Tuesday and driving her home on Saturday. I really hope the traffic isn’t too bad.

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Jerry said...

"Now as I age Everything is gray!"

This is to prepare you for having gray hair in a few years!

No, really, I feel the same way. Most decisions are challenging and unclear. That's why I avoid making them whenever possible!