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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Noah, Don't Freak Out, It's Daddy!

The other evening, around 12:30 am Gary accidentally locked himself out of the house. He tried every window (with the exception of the one window on the first floor that had been left unlocked!). He tried yelling (quietly) and walked around the house several times before deciding to climb to the second floor. WE have recently removed the exterior stairs so he had to scale the pole to the balcony. He tried knocking on that door and yelling into the window to no avail.

He climbed back down and before deciding to give up and sleep in the van he instead scaled the pole again, attempting this time to wake up Noah. He leaned over the rail too open the window while yelling in “Noah, it’s Daddy, don’t freak out but wake up. Noah, it’s Daddy. Noah…wake up!” Noah finally did wake up and came to his Daddy’s rescue! He was still giggling about it the next day!

The canning experiment has been fairly successful. I have been up to my elbows in applesauce! We went to The Apple Farm last week to get the “drops” and had a blast! We visited out cache while we were there, and we were excited to see that friends of ours had been there to visit! We haven’t done any caching in a long time. I think placing that cahe may have been our last active attempt at the sport!

Joshua started soccer on Monday. His team is the Green Grass Kickers. I don’t feel so badly anymore abut being a Golden Nugget as a kid! Joshua is surprisingly adept at the sport even though he has never played before! Noah starts his team tonight and Katherine on Thursday. Thankfully the fields are walking distance away because we are going to be spending 7+ hours a week there!

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