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Friday, September 23, 2005

Joshua has been sprung!

Today was Joshua’s last day of school. I told the staff that he will not be returning and I swear the kid looks lighter. Part of that is due to the fact that he was no longer carrying 30 pounds of books on his back, but mostly he just looks relieved to be done with the whole school scene.

The principal encouraged him to come back and continue to join his class for music, and even art. He said that he would like to. I was so pleased at how welcoming they were. She asked only that he check in at the office whenever he comes to school.

With perfect timing Anna and Charlie dropped off our go cart last night. Joshua and Gary have spent the afternoon draining and replacing fluids, tuning up the engine, replacing cables and so forth. He took apart the carburetor and did something to something. So I guess I can add “small engine repair” as his first activity as a homeschooler.

Noah and Katherine would like to come home as well, but we feel that Joshua needs a week of decompression time before we start our routine.

It isn’t official yet but I am pretty sure that I will be able to drop my A and P class, and provided I get excellent grades in algebra it shouldn’t cause a huge problem for next year (or ten years from now).

Everything feels like it is coming into a much more balanced place, and I feel great about that.

Our home study has been submitted (gasp) and as of Monday we will be official. It is hard to believe that we finally made it through the adoption process. In two weeks we are going to a “meet and greet” party with games, sports, and crafts (and free lunch!) in order to socialize the prospective parents with available (and post adoptive) children. It is very exciting to think that we may be meeting our child in a few short weeks.

Katherine was complaining about not having anyone to share her room and it was nice to remind her that she will soon have a sister. And then the complaints for “my own room” can begin! J

Rose is coming over with the three younger kids so we can shuck, blanch and freeze 120 ears of corn tonight. How exciting! Did I mention the 75 ears Gary and I did last week? It is a lot of work but the corn was so yummy!

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