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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sibling expectations.

We are finished with the adoption requirements I can hardly believe that we are done! Now we wait.

The children are very excited as well, and told us what they would like in their new sibling. For Joshua, the sex doesn’t matter, but he wants a sibling “not two, and not a teenager, because they don’t like to play with children, so maybe as old as 12 or 13, but not a baby either.” Noah would like a girl because “There are a lot of boys in our family but only one girl.” And he would prefer a sister younger than he is, but wouldn’t mind if she is older than him. Katherine only wants a sister, and she must be younger. I asked her what she though if the child turns out to be older. “Just don’t get it! Get a little one.”

The kids all had their first soccer game on Saturday. Noah and Katherine both report a win, and Joshua said that nobody kept score at his game. I had to rely on other mothers to transport them to the game as we were at our training all day. I asked Noah if he had fun riding in his friend Callie’s van. “Was it the crazy bus with all those kids?” (They have five small children). He said “Oh yeah. Did they adopt?” Funny!

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