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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Way overdue on updates!

First off, my heart is breaking for the poor people in our southern states who have lost everything due to Hurricane Katrina. I cannot imagine living through such an ordeal. We still haven’t heard from John and Stacy (who live in the Baton Rouge area) but I am assuming (hoping and praying) that they are all safe with family.

For us, I’ll start with the school drama. We were about 90% sure that we were going to home school with the kids this year and we ordered all our books. I ran into Ms. H and told her as much, and she apologized that they weren’t able to place Katherine in her class. The very next morning I received a call from the Assistant Principal saying that they made room for her in Ms. H’s class. Did they think I was threatening them? I wasn’t, but having Katherine in that class was a deal breaker for me, and so the kids had their first day today. I did notice that I haven’t heard from my family this week and I have to wonder if they are afraid to ask.

They seemed to have a good day. Noah said that he is most excited about having Katherine in his class, and they both reported that they sat together on the bus and at lunch, and even played together at recess.

Joshua is thrilled to be at a new school and his best friend is in his class. He needed me to cover his math book for him so I got out the grocery sacks, although he kept asking if there wasn’t a cover we could buy that might be nicer!

I just found out that I have a 3.67 GPA from this summer. Yeah! I think I may be drowning this semester. I am in a 200 level class having never even attended high school for goodness sake. The instructor keeps saying things like “if you remember back to chemistry/biology”, then this is followed by words I have never even heard before. I just looked over my online quizzes and it is all foreign to me, even though I took excellent notes and asked all my questions. I hope I can stay afloat.

My algebra class seems okay, even fun as it is mostly all review at this point. I’m surprised at how much I enjoy math. I love that there is always an answer, and you can always prove it right or wrong.

Matthew is very happy at his daycare. He gives me kisses and waves goodbye, then runs to greet me with a hug when I return. I LOVE that part! He has become quite the monkey boy at home and climbs on everything! Most recently we found him on the oven! YIKES! We attempt to keep all the chairs gated in the dining room but every so often one of the kids will want to sit and then that is when he makes him move!

What on earth is up with the price of gas? Gary is interested (obsessed) with the fluctuations. I must admit it is rather fascinating to see prices changing so rapidly. One station was asking 2.68 this morning, and by afternoon it was up to 2.89, then 2.99 this evening. Unreal. Gary heard people talking about a gas shortage and they advised people to fill their tanks up daily, so this fear is going to cause a shortage, IMO.

In other news we are once again house hunting. Suddenly we are feeling cramped in our house. There is a possibility that we could add up, but we have very little land. We have already done so much to this house and we fear that we have “overimproved” for the neighborhood. Hopefully you all have us penciled into your address books!

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