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Monday, September 05, 2005

Kickball! (sorry if that offends anyone, and you know who you are!

Yesterday we met Rose, Dan and family, Amanda, Trevor, and family, and two of the kid’s friends at the park for huge kickball game. It was a blast. After we had “make your own” sundaes complete with homemade hot fudge. Mmm. We stayed until it was too dark and cold to stay any longer.

Next week we are going to do it again and invite more people (and have a cake for my birthday!)

The neighbors had a yard sale and somehow we ended up with most of their yard toys. Our backyard looks more and more like a daycare center every week! Gary took the pool down. Summer has come to an end at our house.

Amanda and her Mom got me started canning. We put up peaches last week and they were so incredibly yummy! We did five pounds of green beans and five pounds of wax beans. I love canning. They look so beautiful when they’re done. I can’t wait to do more! Gary even enjoyed it!

I finally got in touch with Stacy. John is in Alaska for a hunting trip. Stacy and the girls stayed home during the hurricane and then headed to her parents house on Wednesday. She said they drove by cars out of gas on the side of the highway for hundreds of miles, and couldn’t get gas until Memphis. I would have been terrified. She said she wasn’t scared but in all honesty she didn’t sound too good when I talked to her. They planned to head back down today. I hope they will all be safe.

Everyone goes back to school tomorrow. Yuck. I personally had so much homework to do this weekend that it was overwhelming. I can’t wait until December when my classes end.

Is it December yet?

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