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I am the mother to 6 children and former foster mother to 2. I am passionate about whatever it is I am passionate about, until I change my mind. I dream big, plan big, and once in a while I even make it big. We are planning to take our freak show on the road. Join us as we embark on a new adventure!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

For Sale

Finally, the house is for sale. Its official. We've been in the "temporary house" for what, eight years now? We talk about moving on every year, and never have we listed the house for sale. We came close last year, finding out the day before signing that we were expecting again, which put a hold on things. Until now. We are ready. Ready to roll!

Anybody want to buy a house?

By the way, baby number 6 was born back in February...sorry for not letting you know!

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Stimey said...

Wait. New baby? Congrats!!! Sounds like big doin's at your place!