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Friday, March 27, 2009

Update on Baby Micah


I don't have a lot of news but I did hear that the doctors were "cautiously optimistic". Baby Micah had gone a whole day without a seizure but still the doctors assured the family that he had a long hard road ahead of him.

I met with my friend today and gave her a huge basket filled with books, notebooks, pencils, snacks and personal care items to give to the Mom, and a bag filled with diapers, snacks, coloring books, and small toys for the grandparents who are caring for the family's other children. I was glad to be able to do something tangible to contribute.

Please continue to think of this poor family. I can not even imagine the trauma they are experiencing; 3 weeks postpartum, confined to the ICU with a seriously ill child, 2 more small children at home separated from their mother...it's going to be a long hard road for all of them.


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Stacy said...

I have been wondering how they were doing...I am glad you were able to help.