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Monday, November 10, 2008


Spinach is something that I rarely buy as a stand alone side dish because I am the only one in my family who will eat it. Sure, some of them will eat it in stuffed shells*, meatloaf, or chicken packages, but buy itself it is nauseous* to them.

However free is free, and I was willing to spend that kind of money even if I was the only one who would eat it. As dinner was nearing to a close, things started to get a little rowdy and Gary told Joshua, "Get me a clean fork!"

Knowing that something sinister was coming I asked, "Gary, are you being a positive role model for our family?" in my best Buzz Kill voice.

"Not at all" He replied with a strait face, causing all the children to burst out laughing. Even the Buzz Kill had to admit it was pretty funny.

He then filled a fork with spinach and placed in back on the table next to a dollar bill for anyone willing to swallow the entire fork full. Noah and Katherine both put their hands on the fork and yet somehow I was able to quickly wrangle it from them and wolf it down myself, grabbing the dollar bill in victory.

"Thanks!", I said, "I can shop all night on this!"

In between roars of laughter Gary said, "That's a shopping spree for your mother! That will carry her all week!"

He repeated the challenge with another clean fork. Not one child was able to swallow the spinach. Noah was able to get the spinach in his mouth, but he started to gag and had to spit it out. I suspect that lasts night dinner with be the story they tell as adults when asked why spinach makes them nauseated.

*When we were making our freezer meals last spring the stuffed shells were rather abundant. As we labeled the bags, certain friends took liberty with the Sharpie and some funny things ended up on the bags. Some bags had skull and crossbones on them, other's said, "Holy Hell, it's stuffed shells!" 'round the corner Jen had shells for dinner just recently and shared with me that her bag said BACON MEATLOAF STUFFED SHELLS!!!! Which made us both laugh, remembering how much fun we had that night, even if we did feel as though perhaps the shells would be eating us!

*Please note the correct usage of the words nauseous and nauseated.



Anonymous said...

"...why spinach makes them want to nauseated."

That's correct grammar?

I loved marking those bags, because HELLO, it was obvious what was in them! :D

We need to have another chicken picking and pie making weekend, I miss those delicious chicken potpies!

(Word verification of the day: splarca!)

Anonymous said...

I love spinach and always have. My kids like it in salads and occasionally will have it cooked. No money was ever offered. They love broccoli, asparagus, and will even eat brussel sprouts!
They could make some serious money at your house!!!
Word verification for me: ounredh