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Friday, November 07, 2008


I am swearing off shopping. Can you believe it? I am not shopping. At least not today, anyway.

We (my partner in crime and I) went again last night to get in a little last minute deal making. I tried to take a picture of what I bought yesterday, but I couldn't fit everything into one picture, so I had to take two. Oh, life is so hard.

The pictures include 8 packages of diapers purchased for $2.50 per pack. What isn't pictured is at least 50% that I donated to the local food pantry. That part was fun. I spent $20 on the diapers and less than $10 on all the food.

What is up with the 16 jars of mayonnaise you ask? Well, I intended to donate those too, along the the cocoa (I think 75 boxes of cocoa for one family's person consumption is adequate, don't you?). At the last minute I decided to donate the cocoa to the neighbors instead (holy cow, that's another story I have been meaning to share with you!) and it confused me, so I left the store with the cocoa and mayo.

Here is what is pictured. (Fifty percent of one day's shopping.)

17 rice
47 soups
17 potatoes
16 mayo
18 cake
6 diapers
6 frosting
19 onion soup
10 cocoa
9 broth
and a partridge in a peaaaaaaar treeeeeee!

Edited to add: I forgot about all the cookie dough in the fridge! hahaha

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