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Saturday, November 08, 2008


The first transaction I did was the one I mentioned earlier. It cost $1.28. Then my amazing friend put together a deal on the fly that came out to be FREE, completely free, no OOP at all.

5 cans of Chef Boyardee ($1.39 pre-sale)
4 Hunts pudding packs ($1.39 pre-sale)
3 cans of Healthy Choice soup ($2.50 pre-sale)

= 20.01 pre-sale

=$12.00 sale prices

$1 off 3 HC soups blinkie
$1 off 5 cans of Chef Boyardee (from the Sunday paper)

Use the $10 Catalina from a previous order

Total price, FREE*
Get back $10 Catalina

Lather, rinse, repeat

*on some transactions my friend had to pay 5, or 15 cents. I never did and for the life of us we cannot figure out why she had to.

The manager got mad and said we had to give them our Shaw's card first (and also said that she had already warned me earlier in the week...she had not. In fact, I had never even seen her before, and I'm there a lot! hehe). It worked just fine giving them the Shaw's card first, in fact it made no difference at all.

Everything pictured (including three bags donated and not pictured)


30 Soups
36 Pudding
48 Pasta
2 Butter
1 Sugar


Tudu said...

I am getting frustrated, we don't have a Shaw's here. I want a bargain and I don't think it would be one to drive all the way there to purchase the groceries on sale.

Stimey said...

You could start your own foodbank. I'm a litte bit in awe of your shopping prowess.