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Monday, September 08, 2008


We made $300, which isn’t bad at all, but $300 is still not worth the price we paid. At the end of the day I was more tired than I can remember being at any other time in my life. Gary and I both fell asleep in our lawn chairs. I kid you not.

I found myself strangely attached to certain items that I don’t have any conscious attachment to. It was very bizarre. Some thing I was able to let go for a quarter, and others I refused to let go for generous offers. Things like bead boxes that I don’t use, and allergy medicine that I only bought because the store paid me to. Huh.

The most interesting sale of the day was when Gary sold a rock. If you have ever been to my house then perhaps your rear tire is familiar with the rock of which I speak. A few years ago, we were out rockhounding. Gary found a very interesting speciment and proclaimed that he was taking it home to adorn the front lawn. We all thought he was nuts, but he carried that darn rock out of the mine and the 20 hundred (give or take) miles to the car, eventually placing it at the end of the driveway. It is a pretty rock, filled with mica, fossilized coral, and pink cookite, but it’s a ROCK. Someone asked if it was for sale. I said no, and she quickly said, “I’ll give you five bucks for it!” “Sold!” Gary interjected! Who sells a ROCK at a lawn sale? With our luck it was probably worth $500.

I hated the lawn sale. I don’t ever want to do it again. If we had pulled in $1000 I would have considered it a day well spent, but $300? So not worth it. The house is trashed, it took an entire day and evening to prepare and a whole day was lost in the sale.

Gary on the other hand thinks it was a great success and wants to do it again. Sigh.


AnnMarie said...

I always expected to have garage sales once we bought our house. I started saving stuff up for one and then said something to DH. He said he would be happy for me to have one, but he'd have no part in it at all as he was so not interested in spending his time that way.

Ever since, we have donated thousands of dollars worth of items to GoodWill St. Vincent de Paul's. The tax deduction is probably about what we'd make in a garage sale and is far less time and hassle! (I use It's Deductible online software to track the donation values.) And the stuff is guaranteed to leave the house because we aren't faced with it once it's boxed up!

Tudu said...

I think $300 is great for a day of emptying out your crap.

Jenni said...

Oh wow. Does ANYBODY make money at garage/lawn sales??? I never make more than $200 and I feel EXACTLY the same way as you. So totally not worth it. Blech.