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I am the mother to 6 children and former foster mother to 2. I am passionate about whatever it is I am passionate about, until I change my mind. I dream big, plan big, and once in a while I even make it big. We are planning to take our freak show on the road. Join us as we embark on a new adventure!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I miss you dear blog.

Soon we will be on our way out the door on vacation, but when I return I will feel refreshed and ready to blog again.

Until then, here are some pictures to distract...I mean entertain.
Because I can't wait for the CVS truck to arrive, my loving kids built me my very own truck out of legos!

Joshua caught this fish on our Memorial Day camping trip. He beheaded it and cooked it up all by himself! I was horribly traumatized by the whole experience. Did you know that fish still flop around even after you separate their head from their body AND tear out all their insides? TMI? Yeah, tell me about it.

Look how cute I am!!! Molly is doing great. She is super active and utterly squishable!

I'll be back soon.

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Tudu said...

I was thinking you had abandoned us for good.