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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This weekend we hit some lawn sales and happened upon a "bag sale" where I filled many bags. $14 worth of bags.

We brought two big boxes to the "free clothing" store. Then we filled 10-12 bags of clothing for consignment, and what was left over is what you see pictured above, for Molly. Even without the donations and consignment I would be feeling pretty good about only spending $14 on all these adorable clothes. That jacket in front, it's a Rothschild. There is Gymboree, Oshkosh, Carters, Classic Pooh, Gap, Old Navy, and more. Score!

I expect to make back more than quadruple what we spend (and possibly even more than that!) from the consignment, and it was great having enough to donate a bunch as well. It's like everything in the picture above was free!

Oh, I almost forgot, we took out a dress for a friend, pants for Gary, a Snuggly carrier for Katherine's dolls, Heely's for Katherine, sneakers for Matthew, a bag of dress up girls shoes, 5 shirts for me, a pair of jeans, two sweaters and a black skirt.

Now I'm off to fold. Sigh.

ETA: The picture doesn't do those outfits justice. They are SUPER cute.

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Jen said...

Wow! That really is a score! You paid $14 for all that. We are having a yard sale this weekend.