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I am the mother to 6 children and former foster mother to 2. I am passionate about whatever it is I am passionate about, until I change my mind. I dream big, plan big, and once in a while I even make it big. We are planning to take our freak show on the road. Join us as we embark on a new adventure!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Three seconds ago I emailed a friend, telling her what great kids I had. Then I decided to get a snack. I put some cheese spread in the microwave and got out the crackers. Then the screaming began. I ran to the stairs and screamed for my husband while everyone laughed at me, and it still took me a minute to calm down and realize it wasn't real. And while I type this a child tried to put it down my shirt, making me squeal again. Thank goodness they had just given me flowers or they might be a listing on ebay.

And now my throat hurts from the screaming, and I will never eat crackers again. My blue cheese dip is going to waste. Send chocolate!!!


FosterAbba said...

Lucky you! I once lived in a part of the world that had bugs that size, so I doubt I would have screamed.

I would have picked the bug out and eaten the crackers anyway if they still looked fresh and didn't appear to have bug poop on them.

Jen said...

That looks so real! That would have been it for me too. When I was in college I worked at a before/after care center in the city. They had roaches. One day I found one in my lunch bag. It was a horrific experience.