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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


My $12 investment:

I have been reading about CVS deals over at MoneySavingMom for awhile now, but it seemed like too much trouble for things that we wouldn't normally buy. Today one of her readers (I can't remember who to give the credit to) posted a primer to get her starving college student brother started and I thought, "I should really give this a try."

We first purchased the glucose monitor($10) and deodorant($4.99). Using a $3 coupon we paid $12, and they gave us back $15 in CVS money. We then purchased $18 worth of product, used the $3 coupon and the $15 free money, receiving back $18 in free money. So we went and bought more stuff, used more coupons, got more free money. I let the kids each order some pictures, because we had coupons for 10 free prints. For a $12 investment we got everything in the picture (and some candy that can not be photographed because little people have already consumed it) and still have $18 in "free money" for the next trip.

It's just insane. I don't understand why, but it does seem to work!

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