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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sometimes after Mr. and Mrs. Bean have left for work we notice that they have left their garage door open. If we can, we close it for them.

Today we were returning home from an early errand and saw that someone had again forgotten to shut the garage. I stopped the car and Gary hopped out to shut it. Only he didn't shut it, but returned to the van with a sly look upon his face.

"We should pretend to steal the bikes" he said. "And since Mrs. Bean is borrowing your bike, it will really freak out Mr. Bean."

Noah and Katherine jumped out of the van and assisted Gary in the robbery.

Then Gary shut the garage door.

Bad. Very bad.

But don't tell Mr. Bean. Unless you perhaps want to let him know that the door was left open but is now closed, because that would really help with the set up.

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Tudu said...

Have they figured out they were missing something yet?