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Tuesday, March 04, 2008



In the grocery store a woman comes over and comments on my “helper” before she grabs Molly’s hand and strokes her face. I turn and take a step back. She looks offended.

At the bowling alley a one year old toddler wants to touch the baby. She is being gentle, but she is one. The mother stands there as I direct the toddler to “touch the baby’s leg, not her eyes”. After having the toddler attempt to pick up Molly by her arm while her mother didn’t even notice I had Gary pick Molly up and move out of touching distance. The toddler’s mother is pissed off.

An elderly woman is there to watch her son bowl. I think she has Alzheimer’s but how can I know for sure? She is enamored with Molly and watches us. It makes me feel good, like she can see the magic between a mother and her infant that most of us miss in our busy world. She comes closer, but just smiles at Molly. She never even comes close enough to tough…she just wants to admire. Her son calls her back over with a look that says, “you are bothering those people.”

She was not bothering us. In fact I might have even let her hold Molly. If I knew for sure that she had Alzheimer’s I would have even addressed her son.


If you think the baby is cute, say so. Use your words, not your hands.

Do not touch the baby. Ever.

Even if your hands are clean.

Even if you have a grandbaby the same age.

Do NOT touch the baby.

Do “breathe” in the baby’s face in an attempt to elicit a smile.

Do not hold mother and baby “hostage” for more than 30 seconds.

I almost forgot, DO NOT TOUCH THE BABY!!!

Thank you.


Tudu said...

I hated people touching my baby in public. When Em was tiny we lived in the country (you know, like the very woods they filmed Deliverence) and every time I went to the store they would pick up my newborn. Yes, the old people here will pick up your infant without permission. I was shocked, I later demanded we move back to civilization.

Steph said...

That made me laugh. Thanks.