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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I found this recently on someone's blog. She is first talking about her parents goal of having 100 grandchildren and 1600 children just 3 generations later. Then this:

Our pastor encourages families to consider settling permanently in one area. I can see the wisdom in this. Those 1600 people will have a far greater influence if they are concentrated in one community rather than spread throughout the country - or the world...

Some people worry about Muslims doing the same thing. I'm not worried. We have an advantage over them. The One True God is on our side. Or rather, we are on His side. When it's all said and done, we are on the winning side.

PS. I also need to add that overpopulation is a silly
myth. Did you know that the entire population of the world could live in
the state of Texas at a density roughly equal to that in a major US metropolitan

Ugh. It is offensive to me on so many levels. She also includes a quote about how the world NEEDS her children. Please. I have a large family by most people's standards. I don't pretend to think that my children are any more important than the children that some are choosing not to have. I know that our race has not treated our planet kindly and every person takes more resources. So I temper our decision to have a large family with an attempt to tread lightly. I was also trying to build my family through adoption, but that didn't work out so well.

But seriously, the really offensive part is that Muslims choosing to procreate is perhaps something to be afraid of?!?! What the F? Don't worry though, God is on her side. Because we all know how GOD likes to take sides. Just like a junior high school girl.


Jerry said...

Do you stumble upon these people, or do you go looking?

Either way, it's nauseating! Could it be a joke?

Mijk said...

Ok I need to do my maths now regarding all live in Texas quote ;-)

I am so hoping that some of this kids of her turn out liberal thinking and maybe gay or something.. (Statistics are on my side with this one! )

Torina said...

Holy crap. That is unbelievable (but I believe it, of course). There are so many nuts out there it's scary.

Anonymous said...

Don't piss God off, He'll pull your hair and scratch your eyes out!