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Monday, February 04, 2008


I feel like I've been punched in the gut. It seems sometimes like the bad guys always win.

I don't think I will ever see the girls again. When they left here it was so rushed. I barely said goodbye, but I was okay with that because they were going to be coming back after I had the baby. We were going to stay in contact. It was sad that they were leaving our house, but they weren't leaving our lives.

I was wrong. They are gone from my life. But not from my memory or my heart. That's why it hurts so much.

It is absolute bullshit that it's better for them this way. They freaking LIVED with me. I can't even wrap my mind around someone believing it's better for them to pretend they didn't.



FosterAbba said...

That is how things work in our county, too. Once a child leaves your home, you will never hear from (or about) them again.

I'm sorry.

Yondalla said...


I wish I could do something.

Maybe the will get a clue. Severing attachments doesn't help kids learn to attach.

Tudu said...

It isn't fair to the kids or to you. Wish I could make things better.

Christine said...

I am so sorry. It isn't fair to you or the kids.

Anonymous said...

I am so, so, so, so sorry. Everything about this past year has been so incredibly unfair to all of you.