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Saturday, February 16, 2008


For Valentines Day my husband gave me a gym membership. Because nothing says, "You are fat and flabby and I love you" like a gym membership.

I gave him a box of chocolates. And I bought a box for myself, just in case. My gift said, "Join me in my pursuit of fat and flabby because I love you."

I called around and decided on a new gym in town based on their ridiculously low rates. Gary and I went over to have a look and I told him that after our tour I planned on signing up, and once I was all signed up I wanted to spend a few minutes in the tanning booth. I was committed you see. When we got there and had a "tour" (standing in the hall while someone pointed to the various equipment) I got such a negative feeling that I did not want to sign up. In retrospect, I think that having a very tall man give me the "tour" was part of the problem. It was a little intimidating, and he couldn't even show me the locker room. If it had been a woman it's possible that I would have felt differently. But I was very uncomfortable and did not want to spend any time there. Thank goodness I bought myself the chocolate!


Christine said...

Gym memebership? I hope you really wanted this or else your husband is not very romantic. :) I personally would have loved the chocolates even if I bought them myself. :)

Tudu said...

ROFLMAO! My husband (I did not add the dear b/c I do not feel warm and fuzzy towards him regarding this subject) has recently lost 35 pounds. He has made no effort that anyone can tell, he is not on drugs, and he is flaunting it by telling me he loves me no matter how much I weigh. The children have noticed his weight loss and have casually mentioned I should try it. He has refused any mentions of midnight ice cream and made me feel like my recent weight gain is all my fault. I am not sure if I want to remain married to someone that has this much self control. LOL