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Monday, January 07, 2008


Katherine needed to return her new Heelys for a larger size because we didn't want her to outgrow them in a matter of days. I suggested to Gary that I take the girls for a shopping trip and he could stay home and play with the boys. Joshua and Noah had built an amazing fort out of snow and Gary was eager to take Matthew out to play in it.

I decided that this was going to be a bonding trip for the girls, and I would let Katherine linger and look at things, and most importantly I would be a control freak today. Katherine, Molly and I went first to the sports store to return the shoes. They didn't have a larger size in the style she wanted, and after a lot of soul searching (that too a LONG time) she decided to get a different style. When we checked out we noticed that the style she picked was actually the newer shoe with the two wheels, and we got them for the super sale price! Score!

Then we went to the craft store and bought more cookie decorating kits to use for her birthday, then to the book store to browse. Katherine was such an awesome book browsing companion. I ended up buying a cookbook, and a gift certificate that I recently found covered all but $1.70!

I was thinking about taking her to the Olive Garden for lunch when she asked if we could go someplace to eat. The wait at OG was only 4 million light years so we waited. It was so nice to be spending "grown up" time with my little girl (s). We really talked, as in communicated. It was so nice. She asked about going to a specific store that has nice toys so that was our next stop. I had hoped to get some jeans but they didn't seem to have anything in my size. From there we went to another store (whose name would clearly mark our location on the map so I won't share it) where we purchased 800 cookie tins on clearance, and a bag of Milano cookies for Katherine.

I kept thinking about the chicken that I was planning on cooking for dinner and had to keep reminding myself that spending girl time together was so much more important today. It was. Peanut butter sandwiches were offered (not even served!!!) for dinner.

While I was gone Gary and the boys did in fact play in the fort. Gary used his snow blower to make a path and new entrance to the huge fort, and said he really enjoyed his boy time. Joshua and Katherine woke up at 5 am in order to go play in the fort before school. I was very clear last night that this was not something I was willing to supervise, sleep is far to important, and I need to drive into the city today (well rested!) so Gary agreed to get up with them. Since I'm driving they told him, "Will you get up with us, because you can nap!" hehe

I received two emails this morning. Both friends said they were stalking me, and neither is my beloved stalker friend. Should I be concerned?!?!?

In all seriousness, I have awesome friends. Kick-ass awesome friends. I am a lucky girl!

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