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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Katherine has been wanting a tumble mat lately. She has been using the couch cushions and while she is perfectly happy to continue doing so, it isn't working out so great for me. It makes me crazy. The tumble mats that I am aware of cost hundreds, and at those prices I would rather she use the couch cushions. Sacrafising emotional well being for financial well being, so giving am I!

While shopping this week I saw a woman price checking sleeping pads (for primordial dwarfs I think, so small are they!). They were on clearance for $1. I asked her where she found them and she told me. Then added, "But these were the last two. Do you need one?" I assured her that I did not need one. But. My daughter. She wants a tumble mat and it looked like those might work. She said, "here, take one." Then we did that uncomfortable dance where I refused and she insisted and I wasn't sure how many times (ala Seinfeld) I was supposed to refuse before saying thank you. I told her I would feel guilty taking it from her. She told me that was silly, she didn't need it and put it in my cart. Then, realizing that perhaps my daughter wasn't a primordial dwarf she asked how old she was. I told her and she said, "You need them both. Here! Merry Christmas!"

I was really excited. Not so much about the mats, but about this stranger's kindness and generosity! Then I run into Gary who wants to know what on earth I am buying and why. I'm not sure he understood the wisdom of buying itty bitty sleeping pads for Katherine.

Last night Katherine asked for her list back because she needed to make some revisions. Gary said he would do it for her, just let him know what. She said she really wanted Heelys (already purchased on sale for $29, score!) and a tumble mat ($2 SUPER SCORE!) I wanted to dance a little jig right there in the kitchen. I didn't, but I did shoot a smug glance at my husband. haha I plan to sew the two together and make a cover for them so she will have one small decorative tumble mat rather than two plain microscopic tumble mats. How cool is that!!!

Thank you kind stranger from the price checker!


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Tudu said...

We got everyone except the twins (b/c one has CP and the other is the clumbsiest person in the WORLD) Heelys from Sports Authority for $29. The kids are gonna be so thrilled.