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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Matthew rubs my belly almost every day and tells me, "WOA! That's a BIG belly!" I find it kind of endearing. However today as I was leaning over the sink I heard him behind me; "WOA! That's a BIG bum!" I didn't find it quite so cute!

The kids and I all made pies for Thanksgiving. It has been a tradition that I let each child pick a pie to make with me. I wasn't sure that I would be able to pull it off this year because I am so darn tired, but we did it! Noah made a pumpkin pie, Katherine made a mint ice cream pie with chocolate ganache, Joshua made a coconut custard, and Matthew made a Chocolate chip pecan bourbon pie, also known as Derby pie. They were all so INTO making their pies, especially Matthew, whose pie had the most ingredients of course! I can't wait to dig into them. I keep thinking that we should have a new tradition; to eat all the pies the night before Thanksgiving because honestly, we will appreciate them more tonight than we will after all that other yummy food, and you know, I'm all pregnant and the pies look so yummy, and I think I can hear them calling my name...Really, they want to be eaten!

I read a bunch of stories on my super crunchy ultra judgmental message board about people going to 43 weeks with healthy babies. Some of them even had their practitioner refuse to work with them any longer and ended up at home unattended and very grateful. My point is that people do go to 43 weeks and the babies are just fine. I'm ONLY 42 weeks, so no worries.

And just to make it official, yes I'm still pregnant!


Yondalla said...

That's 12!

Keep 'em coming.

And you should DEFINITELY eat the pies tonight. What if you go into labor tomorrow?

Tudu said...

I think a pregnant woman should be able to taste a sliver of each just o be sure they are fit to eat. Who in their right mind would fight with you over that?