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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Still pregnant. I saw the doctor last night and my blood pressure is high so I was (am) concerned, and over the past few days have had pains so bad that I thought I would leave for the hospital and ask to be sedated, but today things have settled down and I feel better. I will go back tomorrow to check on the blood pressure and for another ultrasound, because it turns out that my belly is shrinking. Anyway.

In other scary news, right after sending out several emails letting people know that Katherine is totally fine the doctor calls with the results of her testing. The upper GI was completely normal, which I already knew. However her blood levels are off, and in a way that could be consistent with the super scary worst case scenario. Friggin hell. I am freaking out a little bit again. She is going to repeat the blood work and specifically scan for the super scary diagnoses and also send her to see a GI specialist.

She has to be okay. That is the only acceptable outcome.


Yondalla said...

Oh do take care of yourself.

By the way, in my second pregnancy I got one high blood pressure reading and then I was so worried about having high blood pressure that all my readings were high -- in the doctor's office. I had the school nurse take it. Every week she and I would sit quietly in her office and talk for a few minutes and then she would take the measurement and it would be just fine.

So consider sitting in one of those chairs at a pharmacy and reading a book for a couple minutes first, or asking the nurse at the doctor's office to let you read or listen to music with headphones for a few minutes.

I do hope Katherine is going to be okay. You are right. She just has to be.

Tudu said...

I bet the stress you have been under has caused you to lose weight. I hope that is all it is.

My fingers are crossed everything is just human error and Katherine gets her appetite back quick.