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Friday, October 19, 2007

VISIT (perhaps all a dream)

The visit just ended with the licensing worker and the placement specialist. It went better than I expected. They asked a ton of questions about why we were giving up the girls and lots of "how would you handle/how do you feel" questions that were CLEARLY directly related to accusations from Evil Caseworker. I had a hard time holding my tongue about her and basically said she was a pathological liar. At one point the LW had to step out and the PS said, "you do realize that we have heard a radically different version of all these events?" Yes, I'm quite sure of it. This was the one person that I trusted prior to the respite issue a few weeks ago.

Both of them were strongly encouraging us to stay in touch with the girls, which surprised me. They mentioned doing respite or even just meeting them for lunch. The part that is really shocking however, is that they are willing to renew our license! I don't even know how I feel about that, but the LW had given us such a hard time with every past visit (this is the woman that reported another foster mother for growing marijuana. It was a houseplant on her kitchen table!) and I figured that if she pushed me that would be the end of it. She didn't find anything she didn't like with me or my house (SHOCKING!) and even complimented our parenting and our relationship. She actually said that one of our biggest strengths in her opinion was our strong, committed relationship and that she had felt it from the first time she met us and always felt that we communicated well and were on the same page.

You know, it just occurred to me that I might wake up soon. I mean, I do remember waking up at 3 am and writing a blog post, but perhaps (and I think at this point this scenario is more likely than not!) I am just dreaming this entire morning. Heck, we went out to breakfast and ended up at McDonalds. That is just not something we would ever do. Yes, clearly this is all a dream. I need to go wake myself up so the workers can come tell me how awful I am!

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